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The Golden Boulder campus has been home to a range of initiatives focused on Lifelong Learning, Environment Conservation, Universal Wellness, Education Research and Forest Redevelopment, undertaken by Worldview over the past 7 years.

Worldview Forest 2025

In October 2014, Worldview embarked on an ambitious mission to re-develop a 48-acre water-draining sugarcane farm into a Forest Learning Ecosystem, co-developed and managed by individuals and organizations from India and across the world. With the Worldview Forest 2025, our aim is to nurture a large community of ‘Forest Developers’, championing environment conservation.

Family Learning Experiences (FamLE)

Experiences for the family to learn together. As part of enriching and nourishing the immediate environment of the people, Worldview’s FamLE portfolio of activities focus on creating powerful learning for the family there by giving an opportunity for everyone to be in sync.


Nature Turks

In an era where we are largely disconnected from nature, it is important to make a real investment in understanding our environment.

 Nature Turks is a commitment to provide environmental education with an urban context to grow citizens who champion nature conservation. The various modules of the program sensitize students on the impact of various human developments that affect the environment. Through experiential and relational learning of Forests, Water, Farming and Food, the program strives to pave way for Transformational Leadership to translate into positive environmental action in institutions and communities. Since 2014, over 4000 students from 20+ cities and 4+ countries have participated in the various modules of the Nature Turks programs.



Prana is a universal wellness initiative that forms a bridge between our internal and external worlds.

The vibrant curriculum places the individual at the center of a collection of experiences curated to stoke curiosity and invite exploration. By combining virtual courses and interactions with physical explorations and experiences, Prana can help chart one's path to arrive at an interpretation of the world that balances the desire for equanimity with that of the planet.

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Worldview Institute of Lifelong Learning (Will)

The vision is to cultivate and maintain a society of participatory leadership, inquisitive learning & integrated development for a diverse range of people. In seeking to realize the full creative power & potential within, WILL immerses the participant in direct experiences and strategic thought, focused on increasing knowledge, developing skills and clarifying values. It hence, develops an environment where participants feel comfortable taking risks & thinking out of the box.

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